CHEM1230 - Spring 2011 (Bigioni)

Office hours: M2-3, T2-4, F4-5

Office: Wolfe Hall Rm 2272


Phone: 419-530-4095

Office hours can be arranged outside of the posted hours.

If you email me, please make sure that you start the subject line line with CHEM1230. This will help ensure that I see, read and respond to your emails. No guarantees otherwise.

You can use these links to download documents that you will need for this course.

Syllabus - this is really only the first part of the syllabus. It covers things that change from year to year, like dates, practice problems, and grading schemes.

Course Information -  this is essentially the second part of the syllabus, and can also be found printed in the front of your text book. It covers important things like course structure (lectures, writing assignments, homework, recitations, clickers, etc.), how to be successful in the course, the exam absence policy, and the academic dishonesty policy. It also helps gets you started on Blackboard, the on line workspace for this course.

Academic Honesty form - ensures a clear understanding of what is acceptable and what is unacceptable in this class. This form must be handed in to your TA by Feb. 1st, 2011. If you do not turn in this form, you will not be permitted to take any exams in this course.

These are links to electronic resources that you will need for this course.

Clicker registration - you need to correctly register your clicker in order to receive points for work in class. Detailed instructions are in the course information in the front of your text book.

ARIS - you will do on-line homework here. There are also a number of electronic resources supplied by the publisher on this site, including self tests to help you evaluate your mastery of each chapter. Here is the ARIS Quickstart Guide. Note: you must enter the correct section enrollment code (F6A-7F-993 for Bigioni students) for your ARIS homework grades to be counted.

Blackboard - you will take quizzes here and use other electronic resources. For example, this is also where you will ask the instructor questions, read announcements, monitor your grade, and have forum-style discussions with your classmates. You use your UTAD ID and password to log on to Blackboard. Note: Blackboard now replaces WebCT.