Charles J. Rop, Ph.D.

The University of Toledo

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Associate Professor of Science Education and Curriculum

Charles Rop is an Associate Professor of science education and curriculum in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.   He holds a Ph.D. in Curriculum, Teaching and Educational Policy with cognates in Science Education, Teacher Education, and Disciplinary Knowledge from Michigan State University. He has taught science, mathematics, art and other subjects in grades 5-12 for 20 years and in four states: Florida, Wisconsin, Washington, and Michigan. He also has expertise in Wilderness Education and experiential education in the Outward Bound tradition. He has led wilderness expeditions in the upper Midwest, Florida, and the Pacific Northwest.   His mountains include Rainier, Baker, and The Three Sisters. Since 1990, he has been involved in science teacher education and curriculum at MSU, U of M, and The University of Toledo.   The over-riding theme of Dr. Rop's professional work is exploring ways to construct learning experiences that engage the passions and perceptions of learners in ways that transform their views of the world and their relationships to it. In his research in science education he is working to discover ways that thoughtful engagement with the natural world can enable teachers and prospective teachers to catch a vision for authentic inquiry and discovery in science.   He is also actively designing effective induction programs for novice teachers, programs to involve informal educators in teacher education, and innovations in urban science education. Melding qualitative and quantitative methodologies, he is looking at how these new experiences might influence the presentation of science in classrooms.

Teaching is awakening he 5-year old in each of us.


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