Management of the Classroom Learning Environment

CI 5980

Day 2

Part 1: Introductions and Foundations


1. Business

A review of course requirements:

a. Module 1: Electronic Collaboration (You don't have to complete any other www Modules)

b. Philosophy of Education (About 1/2 page typed)

c. Reflective Journal (We decided on weekly entries)

d. Book Report: (A 3-page written book report and an oral presentation of the book)

e. Professional Development Plan (More details about this later)

f. Lesson Planning Activity (Writing goals and objectives and writing lesson plans)

g. Participation in the End-of-the-Year Conference

2. Introductions: Please fill out the Student Information Sheet if you were not here last week

3. Syllabus review. Find the syllabus at

Any questions?

4. Creating a learning community. Reflections on last week's class strategy

Open Forum: Questions from the field

5.. Continue Electronic Cohort Discussions and Module 1

6. Stories of good teaching. What is good teaching?

7. Professional reflection in action--A discussion about Hole and Hall-McEntee (1999)

8. Case Study: The Case of Mr. Chu

9. Case Study: The Case of Sam Johnson (If we have time)

7. Assignments

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