Plant Science Workshop

A Summer Science Education Institute

Plant Science for Teachers

Earn 3 hours of graduate or undergraduate credit in
two weeks of intensive study.

Enrollment is limited!

Dr. Elliot Tramer - Plant Science and Ecology

Dr. Charles Rop - Science Education, Environmental Education & Curriculum

Plant Science for Teachers is funded by an OBOR grant and presented by The University of Toledo in collaboration with the Toledo Botanical Gardens and
The University of Toledo Stranahan Arboretum

Daily field trips and indoor exercises will focus on wild and domesticated plant life of Northwest Ohio. We will muck about taking samples, collecting data, making observations, and then learning how to deal with all of the information we collect. Participants will get their feet wet and hands dirty but will have fun as they learn. We will especially be interested in applying what we learn to K-12 classroom teaching and learning. The culminating experience will be a trip to Northern Lower Michigan to study old-growth white pine forests, sphagnum bogs and to search for Kirtland’s warblers. Participants will receive a $360 stipend that they can use to support their classroom applications of what they learn.

Tentative Course Agenda:

June 14-17 and 21-24, M-Th from 9:00AM-5:00PM and June 25-26 – overnight field trip to the Grayling, Michigan area

  • Plant-animal interactions
  • Butterfly gardening
  • Forest succession
  • Management of wetland vegetation and waterfowl
  • Creation of transgenic plants and their effects on food supply
  • Sphagnum bogs and native orchids
  • Management to restore prairies and oak savannas
  • Effects of soil on plant communities
  • Hydroponic gardening
  • Plant anatomy and Seed dispersal
  • Old growth forest ecology and human impact
  • Management for Kirtland’s Warbler.

Assignments and Assessment of Learning:

You will develop a daily field/activity notebook and a project designed to be practical for your professional practice. We will negotiate the requirements for this project this summer. Most likely, it will be a set of lessons that you develop this summer and teach next fall. We will also have 2-3 follow-up meetings in the fall of 2004.

Contact Information:

Dr. Elliot Tramer or
Earth, Ecological & Environmental Sciences
University of Toledo, Toledo, OH 43606
(419) 530 2451

Dr. Charles Rop
Curriculum & Instruction
University of Toledo, Toledo, OH 43606
(419) 530 2887

Please note:

Because we will be traveling together to different locations in a passenger van, you will not be able to come late or leave early. Participants should be physically and mentally able to stand for extended times, take frequent short hikes, and think hard all day. The culminating experience is an overnight trip to Grayling, MI.

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